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#307; summertime in the city

As we approach my favorite holiday of the year (Fourth of July, of course), I took a moment today to catch up on “real life” work and realized suddenly that this summer has been much busier than most. It helps that in Massachusetts the campaign cycle seems to never end, …

pic by biggle_mahls on twitter

#280; The MA Inaugural Ball

On January 21st, Washington DC rolled out the red carpet for the entire world; celebrating our democratic processes and inaugurating President Barack Obama for a second time. This is the first Inauguration of my adult life that I didn’t plan to be sitting in the bleachers, standing in the freezing …


#269; friday I’m in love

It’s Friday, folks! Favorite day of the week for nearly everyone who has a 9-5. It’s been a seriously loved-filled week around Boston, and so I bring you all the hearts & starry eyes you can handle! More easily digestible than Valentine’s Day and with warmer weather, too, who could …