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Today’s Guest Post is brought to us by music nerd extraordinaire, Northern’s Virginia’s Cloverdew of Cloverdew Designs. Here at The Luckiest, I also obsess over Last.fm and Spotify, so I was delighted when she offered up her thoughts! If you’d like to Guest Post at theluckiest, feel free to contact me!

Choosing-headphonesFor me, music isn’t only an escape, it’s also one of the ways I relate to life the best. I am constantly looking for music that makes me feel, that reflects how I feel, and that reflects how I would like to feel. In my search for great music, I have found a few great tools: 1) last.fm, 2) Spotify, 3) Spotify apps. I suggest looking into them if you would like recommendations for music that is similar to what you already like or for new music releases.

Last.fm is a lot like Pandora, but lets you view what your friends are listening to and, in my opinion, has a much better interface. Last.fm gives you recommendations based on specific songs and/or bands that you have listened to; creates radio stations based on your library, which is “scrobbled” from music you have previously listened to, or based on recommendations for you, or even from a mix of up to three artists you choose specifically; has free mp3 downloads for specific songs; suggests events that you might be interested in based on your taste profile and location; and it keeps track of what you listen to and you can view how many times you’ve listened to a song or artist.

Spotify gives you a lot of what Last.fm has to offer, except that you can choose to listen to whole albums at one time, which I love because I am an album junkie. I like to listen to¬†a song as a part of a larger album in the same way I like to view art works as part of larger exhibits. The context gives it something extra special. I also like Spotify because I can create my own playlists to save for later based on songs in my own music library housed on my computer or using the very large Spotify library available anywhere. One of the other things I really like about Spotify is the ability to see what your friends are listening to, as with Last.fm. And above and beyond that, there is the ability to link to what you’re listening to and send recommendations to friends within the application itself. It’s a pretty great way to share music for free.

In addition to Spotify itself, there are many apps within the service that amplify the power of Spotify itself. Some of my favorites are the Billboard app, which gives you an idea what is popular right now; the Classify app, which lets you browse and play classical music based on composer or emotion; and the Rolling Stone Recommends app, which lets you view reviews of new albums all with 3-5 stars. These are great ways to discover new music.

A couple of my favorite albums right now I discovered through Spotify and Last.fm: K’NAAN’s Country, God, or the Girl and Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob. If you’d like to add me on either of these networks, I’d love to have more friends. My username is Cloverdew. And I’m always happy to talk music.



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2 thoughts on “#283; Guest Post: Music & Apps by Cloverdew

  • Didi Jenning

    I’m a Spotify junkie, too! I love being able to explore new artists and genres of music there. Adding friends lets me do that more of that as I peek at what others are listening to. I’d love if there was some way to include liner notes for albums on Spotify. That’s a lost art. I miss reading a good set of liner notes.