#334; a new year

2016 has begun. Hard to believe. And what a year 2015 was. After many hard years – muggings, job lost, illness – 2015 was harrowing on the national, international, and political scale but personally… It was pleasant. I continued working hard at a job that I love and that I learn more about every year.

As I start 2016, I’m faced with many changes and challenges in my life, and I feel as if at 31 I’m re-entering Limbo. When I first went into Limbo, many years ago during a quarter-life crisis, I was fearful and confused. I wasn’t ready. I wanted Limbo to be a time of growth and discovery, I wanted to learn who I should be and to become that person.

But this time, I’m going into Limbo with more clarity and a more settled heart. This time, I don’t see Limbo as an opportunity to become anything, simply to be. And I figure that’s as good a place to start as any.



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