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  Every year, I put together a ‘best of’ post in December, highlighting my favorite albums from the previous year. This year, I’d like to do something a little bit different (and a little bit late, clearly). I’ve looked through both my Spotify and my accounts and have come […]

#335; 2015 in music.

Ah, December! The month of end of year blog posts and the time that every armchair critic becomes an expert in all things pop culture! So here I go, my sad (totally tasteless, totally shameless) list of what I think is the best in music of 2013 (in no particular […]

#316; my 2013 playlist, part 1

In April I read – and proceeded to highlight on social media until my friends and followers were sick of hearing from me – a piece in the Guardian by classical pianist James Rhodes. I also spent three days in a row, after reading it, listening to his concert Bach […]

#300; ‘Find what you love & let it kill you’