Autumn in Boston has come to a rapid end (though today’s 65+ degree weather was a strange and surprising delight!). The leaves have changed and (thanks to the cold snap last week) fallen and it’s that time of the year that we start reflecting. Any of this sound familiar? “OMG […]

#312; Comin’ down the world turned over.

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2012 was a banner year for me. I had some incredible professional successes – no biggie, just meeting the Secretary of the Navy & the Governor, helping to get Elizabeth Warren (pictured) elected to the US Senate, I was elected Chair of the Greater Boston Young Democrats and Bisexual Female […]

#301; ok 2013, we’ve gotta have words

In April I read – and proceeded to highlight on social media until my friends and followers were sick of hearing from me – a piece in the Guardian by classical pianist James Rhodes. I also spent three days in a row, after reading it, listening to his concert Bach […]

#300; ‘Find what you love & let it kill you’